Neil Bryars Photography: Blog en-us (C) Neil Bryars Photography [email protected] (Neil Bryars Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:56:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:56:00 GMT Neil Bryars Photography: Blog 120 97 The Roches, Oxfordshire Wedding Pt1 -Morning to Reception A sunny September Wedding in Sunningdale, Oxfordshire.
Such a privilege to shoot Sandra and Kieran's wedding, especially having worked with Kieran a few year's earlier, as I knew it would be a warm family affair.
The Marquee was set in the grounds of Kieran's family home, near Abingdon, 100yds from the Church.

The Bridal Prep was in the nearby 'Bear and Ragged Staff' Inn, whilst the Roche Men continued the Family tradition of a quick round of golf on the morning of a Wedding Party.  When Kieran arrived home there were some grumbles.  He had switched pairs for the final hole, and sank a 15ft putt to beat his Dad.
By 11pm it was a 30-footer.

It was a bit of a shock when I arrived at the Village Church; the first time I've been instructed by a Vicar to stay at the back of the Church.  I did manage to negotiate 2mins at the front to catch Sandra walking down the aisle, and beat a hasty retreat to the 'naughty pugh' at the rear.

The garden at Church Farmhouse looked stunning, beautifully decorated and coordinated by Love Laura Wedding Planning, and Paddy's emerging Sunflowers, and a surprise floral archway that Sandra hadn't expected.
Everything went bang on cue courtesy of Love Laura, apart from a minor delay, thanks to me getting everyone back outside for a quick group-shot :)

Wonderful day, gorgeous Church, fun friends, fabulous families, funny speeches, great band, amazing Cocktail Bar (I was driving :( ), and of course a wonderful couple, who I wish all the luck and good fortune to that the world can throw their way.

Neil x

Choosing Earings

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Mr&Mrs Hunt, A Beautiful Malmesbury Wedding, The Reception The Wedding complete, we headed through the yellow fields of Wiltshire, from Malmesbury to Winkworth Farm, Lea.

With a few minutes set aside for a couple of family shots, the rest of my afternoon and evening was set aside for my favourite past-time, wandering around and sneaking shots.

With 150+ guests, and with Iain and Jen so relaxed and chatty, the group shot had to be fast; we were already running 30mins behind, and I got the nod from the brilliant team at Manor Events catering to maybe hurry up a touch.  I would love to point out that I wasn't fully responsible for the delay in getting everyone seated :)  

My favourite shot in here is the First Dance! This is closely followed by Jen and the Bridesmaids singing with the Band.  I'd packed everything away, saying my goodbyes, and I heard them, saw them, and sprinted back to my camera bag and caught them in full flow "Wa wa wa wa WATERLOO!".  Loved it.

I could quite happily shoot this wedding every week. Great venues, wonderfully warm group of people, and I even got seated for the fantastic Wedding Breakfast! Let me know which is your favourite.


The Arrival! Cobbles and Heels!! Funny First taste of the Cake!Made by Phillip, Manor Events (catering) Bit of a tilt to fit everyone in :) Can you count them? No. I don't know either :) Iain's proud parents Tears....... .......and laughter

bump two bump

Cake number two Waterloooooo!

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Mr&Mrs Hunt, a beautiful Malmesbury Wedding Delighted to be asked by my neighbours if I would like to shoot their Wedding, I couldn't pull any 'poker face'. If anything I think Iain and Jen were probably panicking at just how excited I looked at the prospect.

The ceremony was in the majestic Malmesbury Abbey, followed by a packed Reception at Winkworth Farm, Lea, 3miles away.

Malmesbury is a gorgeous hill-top town, steeped in history, and sitting on the edge of the Cotswolds a backdrop to the photos was never going to be a challenge.  The long-term weather forecast gave the biggest challenge, and changed hourly for the week ahead, anything from full day Monsoon through to a 2hr window of sunshine, in the middle of a Monsoon.

Transport between the Abbey and the Farm was also changing by the day, mostly driven by the changing forecast, but partly by a friend's Helicopter that needed servicing.  So Plan A was out, and the roofless Vintage car was Plan B. Plan C was looking most likely for 95% of the week ahead of the wedding.

Luckily my transport didn't let me down, as I flitted between the Hunt Family preparations in Shipton Moyne, and Jen and the girls getting ready a short sprint (for me) away from the Abbey in the Chapel, on the Triangle, Malmesbury.

With an hour to go the forecast had changed again, much to the delight of Jen and Iain, and the phonecall came through from the driver of the roofless vintage car; Plan B was setting off, and en route to the Abbey. The Monsoon had avoided us, and the sky would hang heavy, but dry!

Here are a selection, from the morning through to arrival at the Reception.


* Flowers by Jodie, 
Beautiful Bouquet, as always, from Jodie at Acacia, Malmesbury Huge hug for Dad Apple Blossom added a gorgeous scent, flowers by Acacia Bridesmaids! Proud!

The arrival at Malmesbury Abbey was fantastic, and fast.  Even though I'd attended the rehearsal the night before I somehow had missed that the Bridesmaids were coming in after the Bride, not before!
Confetti as is often the case is banned within the Abbey grounds.  the couple hit on a fantastic idea, a Bubble Parade! Although once outside the fence, I don't think Iain had anticipated the confetti.
then it was into the old car, and off to Lea.


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Glam Originals Photoshoot I've been in the Old Bell Hotel in Malmesbury several times over the years, but never with my camera!  A much photographed building from the outside has had me running around inside, with a flash, and the fantastic family team behind Glam Originals.

They've had such a successful Autumn/Winter run that so many items had sold out, and an urgent catalogue reshoot and reprint was needed.

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