The Camera has been at the centre of my family as long as I can remember. I grew up with a cupboard full of albums, jam packed with brilliant pictures taken by my mum over the years. I'm not surprised that she has passed this love of Photography onto me. In fact my Mum took this picture when I was home recently, at the same time as she shouted at me for being the wrong side of a wall with an 80 ft drop. Picture first, family instinct.

Photographs, for me, are at the heart of a long lasting memory.

I have a wide ranging portfolio, but I specialise in Wedding Photography, Events and People, mostly in Malmesbury, Wiltshire.
I just love shooting weddings. Yes, the pressure is like no other kind of Photography, but I love the whole event. Connecting with people throughout the planning; meeting friends and family, and capturing the entire essence of the day is what it is all about for me. From start to finish.
People are better subjects to me than a landscape and, with two young girls, I don't have the luxury of time, to sit and wait for a break in the clouds too often!

If you have a Wedding coming up, or know of someone who might have, then please get in touch for more details.
I would love to meet up if you are in and around the Wiltshire/Glos/Avon/Oxon area, and discuss what I do, and what you you like from a Photographer.
If you are further afield, then we may need to chat over the phone, and put some ideas and plans together before we meet up.

I will be putting up a price list soon, but in the meantime please get in touch for availability and details; for all sorts of commissions and shots.